Collections is a service that enables Mobile Money partners to receive payments for goods and services using MTN Mobile Money. The services can be face-to-face like MomoPay or can be done remotely for both offline and online. Payments can be customer-initiated on USSD/App/Web or Merchant-initiated where a customer is sent a debit request for approval.

Once the service is enabled, a Collections account is created for the partner to which funds are deposited/received. The partner is able to make onward payments to their suppliers/partners/employees (B2B or B2C) and/or liquidate the collected funds into their respective bank accounts.

The service offers the convenience of collection for online payments, bills, loan repayments, contribution to activities and installments to mutually agreed upon repayments of services and products. Examples of partners with bill collections are Umeme, National Water, URA, NSSF, DSTV to name but a few.

This product contains 2 APIs: