Request To Pay keeps returning Error 400 Bade Request

Hopefully someone can point out the particular issue. Authorization is basic auth encode base64 from postman POST HTTP/1.1 Host: Authorization: Basic NDA5YjgzYTgtN2VjMS00YmVjLTlmNWItZDJkNDVhODgxYzRjOjM4NDBjYzYwODkxZTRmODI5NTFiMTg5NWEzZmNmZjYx X-Reference-Id: 409b83a8-7ec1-4bec-9f5b-d2d45a881c4c X-Target-Environment: sandbox Content-Type: application/json Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• { "amount": "10", "currency": "EUR", "externalId": "8765437654", "payer": { "partyIdType": "MSISDN", "partyId": "46733123453" }, "payerMessage": "hello world", "payeeNote": "lets go" }


    Well i figured it out but getting token works on postman but not php guzzle. i dont know why. and whats with the 302 redirect. its all buggy
    Posted by Hidden Sat, 05 Jan 2019 23:37:33 GMT
    Well figured out the problem. It seems your 302 redirect is on a different domain and most http clients will strip authorization headers when that happens. It is indeed a problem. that is why token requests keep resulting in Error 400 Bad request
    Posted by Hidden Sun, 06 Jan 2019 09:35:36 GMT
    you could just make it an internal redirect. We dont want to see your dirty little secrets anyways
    Posted by Hidden Sun, 06 Jan 2019 11:01:40 GMT

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