Authorization failed. User does not have permission.

I'm getting 500 error code "Authorization failed. User does not have permission." from the token can i create user with the permission to get the token ?


    After subscribiing to the service First create an api user by supplying a uuid version 4 to the field X-Reference-Id field After that create api key by sending a post request to{X-Reference-Id}/apikey replacing {X-Reference-Id} with the uuid you used to create the api user initially Now to request a token say for collection. u have to send a post request to with Header that contain Authorization: Basic base64_encode("uuid:api_key") you can type in the uuid and the api_key in the this format uuid:api_key at to get the base64 format Once you have access_token you will use it to authorise any request u make that requires authorization in the form Bearer access_token
    Posted by Hidden Tue, 03 Dec 2019 02:24:41 GMT

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