Setting up a Callback URL

  • Transfer and RequestToPay APIs are Asynchronous in MTN MoMo API Platform
  • When a merchant system sends a POST of either /transfer, or /requesttopay APIs, the Gateway validates the request and then responds with “202 Accepted”
  • The transaction is then queued for processing.
  • Once processed, a callback with the final result of the transaction is sent to the merchant system
  • In order to receive the callback for your transactions, please consider the following:

    a) On Sandbox

    • Register your callback host by specifying the domain as providerCallbackHost when creating your API Keys. On production this will be done via the Account Portal
    • Specify the callback URL in each of your /requesttopay or /tranfer POST
    • Use http and not https on sandbox
    • Allow PUT & POST on your callback listener host

    b) On Production

    • After Go-live you will be provided a link to log on to your Accounts Portal
    • You will be required to register you callback host on the portal when creating your API keys as shown below
    • Only https is allowed on production
    • Allow PUT & POST on your callback listener host
  • Callback Create API User

  • The Wallet Platform will only send the callback once. There is no retry on the callback if the Partner system does not respond. A merchant system can, in cases where a callback was not received , poll for the transaction status as described in the GET method