Sandbox Use Case

To facilitate testing a set of predefined users and Test accounts are provided. These users and accounts have a predefined test scenario. A developer needs to Signup and Subscribe to a Product before accessing any of the APIs.

In order to test Sandbox Use cases, Merchants/Agents/Partners/Testers needs to use the Sandbox Provisioning Collection and generate the apiuser and apikey and the same needs to be used for testing any of the sandbox Use cases. Existing Partner Accounts created on Partner GUI can't be used for testing the sandbox usecases. You can download the testcases here.

OAuth Token

OAuth Token is generated from the merchants’ API Key and Secret. The API Key and API Secret can be obtained through the provisioning API in Sandbox, as described in the API User and API Key Management section.

Target Environment

The Target Environment used in Testing is “sandbox”

Test Currency

The currency used in Sandbox is EUR

Sandbox Use Case

The following Numbers are predefined with respective response for all Testcases.

Any other Number results in Success

Common Error Codes

Common error codes can be seen in the next section.